Established: 1992
Origin: France

"Welcome to a world full of poetry and the ultimate expectation of quality" - Forestier Paris

The design team at Forestier Paris are guided by an essential principle; Passion, Freedom and Discovery united as one. 

This principle comes to life throughout their stunning collection of feature pieces.

When purchasing a Forestier pendant light you will receive a thoughtful creation that plays with wire and transparency, a form that is inspired by nature, and a light that will captivate your imagination. 

The Icons

Forestier Paris is best known for its large scale entry foyer and void pendant light designs including;

Where it all began - Bernard Forestier

Bernard Forestier founded Forestier Paris in 1992.

A personal interest in French gardens planted the seed in Bernards creative mind. He was fascinated by the design elements of this landscaping style; namely, the elegant balance between straight and curved lines offset against artistic Topiary sculptures.

This seed grew into a concept that centred around bringing the art of botany into the home.

He began to play with woven wire pieces, captivated by the poetic lines they created and established the roots of the world-renowned Forestier aesthetic.

The Maison

True to the spirit of its founder, the modern design team has grown a strong identity. An identity that centres around creating objects that are beautiful, useable and accessible to any lover of design. 

The Maison consciously welcomes new and emerging talents including Arik Levy, Laurence Brabant, Emmanuel Gallina, Christian Ghion, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence, Elise Fouin, Jette Scheib, Anon Pairot, Katarina Sokolova and Marc Venot.


Forestier Paris is available in Australia through Lumen8 Architectural Lighting. We proudly supply this beautiful brand throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.