UQ Architectural School


Project Type: Education, Workplace
Architect: BVN
Engineer: NDY Light

The corridors of the UQ Architectural School serve multiple purposes. Beyond being thoroughfares for general movement, these hallways also serve as canvases for wall displays and as convenient hotdesk areas.

The objective for the lighting design in these corridors was to craft a captivating "lamp post effect" while maintaining an almost "invisible" ceiling, heightening the overall dramatic ambience.

This vision came to life through the skilful integration of two distinct Solis Lighting products:

  1. Roll+ Surface Mount Downlights: These fixtures underwent a meticulous powder coating process with Dulux Dark Bronze, and they were mounted onto specially designed wall brackets extending from each column into the corridor. This unique colour choice and mounting configuration allow the fixtures themselves to seamlessly blend into the environment, all while casting a distinctive wash of light on the walls. This illumination technique expertly accentuates the display boards and desks below, creating a visually striking effect.

  2. Covert Dark Reflector Downlights: To enhance the impact of the Roll+ luminaires, we also incorporated our Covert dark light luminaires equipped with bronze reflectors. These fixtures were carefully chosen for their ability to prevent vertical light from spilling onto the walls while ensuring a uniform and balanced distribution of light across the corridor floors. This choice contributes significantly to the overall desired effect.

Together, these lighting elements have not only achieved the intended dramatic lamp post effect but have also elevated the aesthetic appeal of the UQ Architectural School's corridors, transforming them into dynamic and engaging spaces.