Jan Murphy Gallery

Fortitude Valley, Queensland

Project Type: Retail
Architect: Coop Creative
Interiors: Coop Creative

The Jan Murphy Gallery project had a specific goal: to establish an open and spacious ambience while minimizing the presence of shadows within the gallery.

To address this challenge, the chosen approach was to implement a lighting design technique known as "blanket lighting."

This method involves the uniform illumination of the vertical surfaces of the gallery walls. Blanket lighting has gained popularity and is particularly well-suited for showcasing larger artworks or exhibitions that aim to present a cohesive collection. It imparts the impression that the artworks seamlessly blend into the gallery's environment.

The desired outcome was successfully achieved through the utilization of the Smooth track spot, a contemporary and minimalist lighting fixture by Solis Lighting. What sets this luminaire apart is its exceptionally wide 107° beam angle, a feature that is rarely found in track spotlights. This wide beam angle is ideal for creating a wall-washing effect, contributing to the overall lighting scheme's effectiveness.

  • Image 1: Artist | Guy Maestri, Photographer | John Downs
  • Image 2-4: Artist | Fred Fowler, Photographer | Mark Sherwood


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