Foster and Black

Chermside, Queensland

Project Type: Hospitality, Custom

Originating as a cozy espresso bar tucked away in a small space, Foster & Black has evolved into a burgeoning movement that's spreading the joys of specialty coffee to unexpected locales. Conceived by two locals hailing from the Sunshine Coast, their coffee beans receive expert roasting care by Semi-Pro Coffee. Notably, all locations are independently operated, ensuring a distinct Foster & Black experience.

At Foster and Black, Chermside, the focus is squarely on creating ambience through textures and design, reflecting the uniqueness of the brand. The lighting plays a pivotal role in achieving this atmosphere.

We employed Roll track spotlights strategically to accentuate the merchandise, effectively guiding shoppers' gazes towards the diverse product offerings.

To add a further subtle yet impactful finishing touch, we incorporated discreet accent lighting. Flexible LED neon elements have been discreetly integrated into the cornice detailing, serving as a gentle wall grazer. This subtle lighting technique masterfully highlights the contours and tactile qualities of our wall surfaces, completing the overall aesthetic with finesse.