Landscape Lighting


Whether you've spent time planning your landscaping with the pro's or lovingly created your oasis yourself, the addition of landscape lighting will take your outdoor space to the next level. 

What to illuminate in your garden or landscaping

The golden rule of landscape lighting is "less is more"!

It is tempting to light every plant and path, but this will only wash out the drama that creates a striking outdoor lighting scheme. Instead, select a few primary features, then work with light and shadow to create a captivating outdoor space.

Three main things to consider:

  1. Focal points - Common focal points include a feature tree, sculpture or water feature.
  2. Vertical Surfaces - A boundary fence or privacy screen is a perfect opportunity to capture the shadows and silhouettes. Alternatively, a textured stone wall comes to life at night when grazed with light.
  3. Accessibility - Consider paths, entries and seating zones. These areas require lighting to ensure you can safely enjoy your outdoor space with your family and friends.

Types of landscape lighting

Now you know what to illuminate. It's time to decide how!

  • Spotlights: Spotlights are adjustable fittings that produce a narrow to a medium beam of light. Spotlights are perfect for highlighting focal points.
  • Inground uplights: Inground uplights also produce a narrow to a medium beam of light. However, as their name suggests, they are installed into the ground. They are a more discrete way to highlight focal points and can also be used to create stunning effects on vertical surfaces.
  • Wall Grazers: Wall grazers are a newer style of fitting. These bar-shaped fittings create a broad, even beam of light. Wall grazers are perfect for illuminating a vertical surface evenly.
  • LED Strip: LED strip lighting is a popular choice in modern landscape lighting schemes. Use LED strips for anything from creating a glow under bench seating to outlining pathways or illuminating stairs via the handrail above.
  • Step lights: Step lights, also known as Brick lights, are small surface-mount or recessed light fittings. Step lights are ideal for illuminating pathways, staircases or other level surfaces.
  • Bollards: Last but not least, the Bollard. Similar to Step lights, Bollards illuminate pathways and level surface areas. Bollards are perfect in open area's where a free-standing option is required.


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