Established: 1989
Origin: Poland

Carefully crafted, and incredibly versatile.

The engineers and qualified staff at TOPMET design, produce and manufacture their architectural products in-house. The company is known for making durable, high-quality aluminium profiles for LED strip.

All profiles are unique - designed by TOPMET designers. All the designs are registered and legally protected throughout the European Union. TOPMET profiles, accessories and luminaires are manufactured in Poland.

Quality Matters

An aluminium profile is a radiator - it dissipates heat from the LED source. Lower temperature means better-operating conditions for the diodes, therefore, extending the LED lifespan and performance. It also translates to economic considerations - LED does not require such frequent replacement of light sources. An aluminium profile is an investment, which pays off.

An aluminium profile also provides protection against damage. The result is more durable in comparison to gluing a LED strip directly to the surface. Using a profile with a high-quality diffuser increases aesthetics and facilitates maintaining cleanliness.

Endless Accessories

The design department is constantly working on expanding the offer with further components. This multiplies the possibilities of combinations, connections and assemblies. Apart from system mounting plates, which match different profiles, many collections also have dedicated solutions for more advanced, specialist needs. The accessories for LED profiles include, i.a.: endings, covers, mounting plates, holders, extension arms, connectors, clamps, slings and many more.