Established: 1989
Origin: Italy

Rotaliana designs are expressions of authenticity that combine tradition and innovation.

Their contemporary and highly functional pieces are developed through collaboration between Rotaliana and a team of innovative architects and industrial designers. 

Technological innovation and design are essential for us.

After the experience as subcontractors, in the first years of the company's life, in which we had only an excellent production capacity but no product in the catalog, investing in design, quality and innovation was fundamental. To give an aesthetic dimension to technical products, this is the mission of Rotaliana.

Stefano Wegher - Rotaliana Managing Director


Simple lines are not to be trivialized. When used with care they give rise to exceptional designs. A continuous comparison between form and function.
Rotaliana does not pursue fashions to please standard markets. They try to capture new needs and anticipate the future. Their "new way of lighting things" is not content with giving an emotional dimension to products, but believes in the need to provide useful and functional solutions to living and to excite with reason.

Innovation without borders

The companies lighting solutions arise from continuous comparison with designers from different backgrounds; both cultural (architects, designers, artists) and geographical (Italy, Japan, Korea, Sweden). A multi-faceted project that feeds on interdisciplinary visions in the name of innovation will stand the test of time.