Established: 1986
Origin: Austria

Planlicht develops and produces stand-alone solutions as well as complex lighting systems, with an outlook for environmentally sustainable products.

Planlicht are fascinating, vibrant, technical masters who never lose sight of aesthetic design. 

Human Centric Lighting

Since the beginning of time, our body and biological clock have been influenced by the sun cycle. Activity and rest are ruled by the course of the day. For our well-being, the energising light of the morning sun is as important as the relaxing red light in the evening. A lack of natural light brings the biological rhythm out of balance. High quality, biodynamic LED lighting can have a positive influence on biological rhythms.

Planlicht are leaders in Human-Centric Lighting, also known as Dynamic White lighting. They currently provide the largest portfolio of dynamic white luminaires in the market.

Focus on Service

In addition to high-end products, planlicht offers all-round service. Customers are accompanied for all project stages ranging from initial idea creation, project planning up-to product delivery. Delivering customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is why each project is unique and through our personalised customer care, each project is special.

Warranty 66

As a manufacturer of high-quality luminaires, planlicht provides a 66-month warranty which comprises the whole manufacturing portfolio, except wearing parts (e.g. conventional illuminants, emergency lighting batteries etc.).

RAL of your choice

Besides the standard colours; black, white and silver, you can choose between 90 available colour shades. This includes three special colours Gunnery GreyCapital Copper and Glaring Gold to you.

RAL of your choice is available for single quantity orders.