Cangini & Tucci

Established: 1968
Origin: Italy

Cangini & Tucci hand-blown glass products are the result of the purest production techniques.

The Cangini & Tucci collection is formed from a minimal range of moulds and offers a wide breadth of colours. A feature that is unique in the world of hand-blown glass. 

Variation in the crystal or colour tones are qualities that guarantee the authenticity of each unique piece.

The tradition and the authentically artisan nature that distinguish us, allow us to play with shapes, colors and compositions. This is why we like to call ourselves: "tailors of light".

Pietro Tucci 

Quality Craftmanship

For over fifty years, the company has worked with meticulous accuracy and craftsmanship. Over the years they have introduced a wide range of lighting. Their style is influenced by ancient Venetian methods and the application of modern production techniques. Detailed care combined with high-quality materials is Cangini & Tucci’s main goal. Ensuring each customer receives a high quality, unique product.

Breadth of colour

Most glass manufacturers offer a limited range of colours, perhaps 3 or 4. Cangini & Tucci offer 16 standard colours. This breadth increases further, with many designs also available in specialist metallic, pearlescent or iridescent tones.

Guaranteed Authenticity

All products are accompanied by a guarantee certifying their originality. C&T products are the result of the purest hand production. For this reason, any imperfections in the glass or colour (change of tone) do not represent defects. These qualities guarantee their authenticity making each piece unique.